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One of the nice features in Ecommerce system is being able to suggest other products to customers as they go through the buying process. When selling any product, you have the option to add up-sells and cross-sells. Both of these can make it easy for your customer to choose another option in the product line or purchase additional products.


When someone is looking at a specific product, you have the option of showcasing similar products of higher value. In this example, I am going to use a Logitech Webcam This is a great way to get your customers to think about a similar product, same brand, that has more features, added options, and of course, is more expensive. For example, someone looking for a camera for $100, you can list similar camera of high value and features. This is often shown at the product browsing page.

Cross Sell:

These are add-ons to the already selected product t that you can add on. At checkout, you can display aother products / accessories the customer could use with the existing product they are purchasing. For example, suggesting a camera case when buying a camera.

These features are becoming basic in nature for some ecommerce providers. However, if your business want to focus more in this area there are special add ons that you can plug in your ecommerce site.


https://www.cross-sell.co.uk/ for Shopify


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