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Coupons have always been a great way to attract more and more customers and earn more revenue. But, how would you know how your coupons are performing, and how many users have redeemed your coupons? This is when track and report coupon usage feature comes to your rescue.

With the help of this feature, e-commerce owners can extract a lot of information including:

·         Which coupon code is used the most?

·         Which coupons generated the most revenue? and much more

Here is a screenshot of how track and report coupon usage screen comes in WooCommerce:

coupon reports

Such insights are useful for e-commerce owners. As a matter of fact, this would help you in strategizing the coupon offers in a better way. You would know which coupon codes are most popular. Further, you would also be able to know the products for which coupons are working best. For example, if coupon codes concerning women apparels are making the most sales, it is only logical to issue more coupon codes for this section, and you can even drive purchases for less popular products this way.

Targeting a Particular Product/Category and Customers with Specific Coupon Codes

Ecommerce has emerged out to be a data based activity. Ecommerce giants, today, are making more and more use of data to plan their strategies, and even to roll out the coupon codes. This helps them in fetching better returns on inputs, and further, helps in attracting more eyes.

Here is how you can generate a specific coupon code in Shopify:

coupon codes

As a matter of fact, ecommerce owners can now roll out specific campaigns and flexible coupons based on the products and categories. For example, if a certain category is closing fewer sales, you can attract more customers by rolling out coupon codes for those products or categories.

Ecommerce stores are even coming up with specific brand days wherein coupons are rolled out for that particular brand throughout the day.

Even better, you can even release time specific coupon codes. This is what major ecommerce giants have been doing these days. Herein, coupon discount changes every 30 minutes or so. This for sure attracts the eyes of customers and further compels them to shop quickly or the offer will change.

That is not about it, you can even roll out coupon codes for a set of customers by making customer groups. So, if you want to target customers, who let’s say, have made a lifetime purchase of $500 till date, how about releasing a specific coupon code for them? Or, do you want to reward your loyal customers who are frequent purchasers? You can even release specific coupon codes on the basis of how frequently they have made purchases.

Exporting Coupon Codes for Newsletters, Emails and So On

Exporting coupon codes for offline distribution, newsletters and emails creates better awareness and undoubtedly, closes more sales.

Here is how Shopify lets you export your coupon codes for a hassle-free distribution:

coupon code

Here is an import/export screen of WooCommerce:

coupon code


That said, a lot more can happen with the right coupon code strategy. So, how are you making most out of it? Do let us know in the comments.

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