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Customers love shopping with an online coupon, and you should be set them up very simply as a percentage off, a flat discount, or free shipping. Coupons can also be set for a specific number of uses and can expire after a certain date. Coupons can be configured to run specific promotions such as “buy one get one free” or “buy product x, get product y at 50% off.

You also have the ability to create coupons that offer a dynamic discount amount that equals a specified amount. Eg. Buy $50 and get $1 shipping! Or you can create a product and use this coupon feature to apply a fixed price to the product. Eg. Buy 5 products and a specified product will be $10!

Regular customer discounts and customer based pricing can be overridden by the coupon. Even if these discounts are set up, it is possible to override these discounts using the Coupon Override feature and hence avoiding a double dip. You can determine whether a coupon overrides: A) all or specific discounts in the store, or B) only discounts associated with the coupon.

Category Discount:

Category Discounts are percentage or flat amount discounts that are applied to orders when a specified quantity or dollar amount of Discount Eligible products in the category is purchased. The discounts are set up in tiers (e.g. 10% off when 5 products are purchased, 20% off when 10 are purchased; or $10.00 off when $100.00 worth of products are purchased, $20.00 off when $200.00 worth are purchased; etc.). This discounting method looks at all products in the category, regardless of whether or not the category is defined as a primary one.

Discount by Customer Type:

A Customer Type Discount is a percentage discount applied to all orders for a particular customer type. For example, VIP customers, 10% off all orders.

Volume based Discount

This discounting method is based on the quantity of a specific product ordered. For example: buy 10 widgets and get 20% off or buy 10 widgets and get $10 off.

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