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I needed a case to fit my iPhone 7, so I chose a model which was listed at $21. Just before the checkout, I happened to see an offer while scrolling down, which read “Super Saver Bundle” priced at just $25 comprising  a tempered glass screen protector also. Indeed a good a Package Deal! If I were to purchase them at regular price, I would be spending $30.

That is how a bundle creeps into a consumer’s shopping cart!

Selling several products as a combined product is called “Bundled Products” or “Package Deals” in ecommerce stores. They are usually made up of complementary items, giving an opportunity to the e-commerce owners to sell less frequently sold items, at a discounted price.

Take a simple instance, a store sells a number of related items like a sketch pad, brushes, paint tubes etc, and collectively calls it as a Saver Pack named Water color kit. Similarly, selling a wireless keyboard and its accessories like mouse or a silicone cover is another example of bundle product.

Reasons why you should start bundling the products you sell:

  • Being a good deal, bundling influences the customer’s buying decision. Yes! it works on customer’s sub-conscious mind.
  • Bundling helps avoid price comparison shopping, making it difficult for the consumers to find low-cost alternatives in other stores.
  • While Bundling increases the average order value by selling more number of items in a single transaction, it also encourages cross-selling especially when the bundle includes items from different categories.

Who offers product bundling?

Various ecommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Woo Commerce, Magento, WordPress, Shopify etc support product bundling.

Selro offers bundling option for ecommerce site owners.

Choose the right one!

Choosing the right Ecommerce bundling option for your company can significantly help your bottom line. The wrong bundling strategy can damage your sales outcome. In order to commit to the bestfit ecommerce bundling on your website, contact us today to learn how our ecommerce experts can help you find best ecommerce platform that serve your interests and company!

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